Road Construction Projects

Posted on: August 8, 2017

2017 Roadway Program - East Lane Updates

The contractor is tentatively planning on re-opening the east lanes of Howard and Harvey in the next few day. Please refrain from driving on the new pavement or driveway aprons until the barricades and construction tape has been removed by the contractor.  

Harvey/40th Intersection

The northeast corner of the intersection of Harvey Avenue and 40th Street will be removed and poured this week.  Traffic patterns in this area may change while this portion of the intersection is under construction. Expect Harvey Avenue and 40th Street to be reduced to one lane at the intersection.  Please drive carefully in this area until the curing process is complete.

Howard Avenue Driveway Aprons

Concrete driveway aprons on Howard Avenue are scheduled to be poured this week.  Please refrain from driving on the new aprons until the curing process is completed.  A new update will be sent once those aprons have been reopened for use.  Any damages sustained due to the premature driving on the aprons will be at the cost of that individual. The contractor is waiting on confirmation from the asphalt subcontractor on the installation of asphalt driveway aprons. Temporary stone access will be installed if the asphalt driveway aprons are not installed this week.  Asphalt aprons can be driven on a few hours after installation but please be aware that fresh asphalt will often contain oil on the surface.  This oil can get on the tires of your vehicle and be tracked into garages. Vegetable oil can be used to remove any oil residue. 

Temporary Golf Cart Contact

Nick Schomer, a Public Works employee, will be the temporary golf cart contact until further notice.  Nick may be reached by phone at 708-514-6367.