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Posted on: August 14, 2017

2017 Roadway Program - East Lane Open/West Lane Start Date

Howard/Harvey East Lane Opening

The east lanes and driveway aprons on Harvey and Howard Avenue are now reopened for public use. Please be cautious while driving on the east lanes as there are elevation changes between the east and west sides of the roadway.

Howard/Harvey West Lane Start Date

The contractor is scheduled to begin the work on the west lane of Harvey Avenue tomorrow, August 15th, weather permitting. The contractor will begin work at Harvey Avenue (39th to 41st) before moving to Howard Avenue.  All residents on the west side of Harvey and Howard Avenue should have vehicles out of their driveways and parked on the surrounding streets that have been designated for overnight parking.  A map of these streets can be found at  2017 Roadway Program.  The contractor plans to move to the west lane of Howard Avenue upon completion of the removal at Harvey. If the contractor does not make it to Howard Avenue tomorrow, residents are free to park in their driveways overnight. Please follow the same procedure the next day as it is likely the contractor will be on-site.

Fair Elms East Lane Update

The contractor will continue to remove concrete and excavate throughout the day. They tentatively plan to pour the concrete patches August 15 or August 16, weather permitting. Concrete patches will remain closed for 7-10 days while the concrete curing process is occurring. Please do not drive any vehicles on the concrete until it has been reopened and a new update has been sent out. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Casey Biernacki at 708-246-1800 x 276 or at

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