Rose/Garden Water Services Project

Posted on: October 13, 2017

Review of October 12th Public Meeting

Staff would like to thank everyone for attending the meeting last night and providing your comments and input. We relies on the participation demonstrated last night when moving forward with a project of this size and scope. The FAQ will be an evolving document as we focus on some of the questions you had for us yesterday. We will be updating it over the next few weeks and we will send it out in another update upon its completion.  

Below is an outline of what staff will be working on for the next month. If you have additional questions, you can always contact Matt, Jeff, Mike, or I. Additionally, please contact us if you have issues or questions pertaining to private contractor quotes. We look forward to meeting with all of you again at the November 9th meeting at 7:00PM at Village Hall.

What will Staff be working on?

  • Televising/inspecting the rear yard sewer line
  • Provide survey information for project area
  • Research a similar project for Rose/Garden that was proposed 10-15 years ago
  • Data supporting the need for this project/4” water main abandonment
  • Discuss directional boring options with Unique Plumbing (ex. Under the foundation opposed to around the homes)
  • Research costs and ability to waive new water meter costs (for those interested in replacing their meter)
  • Research the ability to waive the cost of the connection to the new water main (not the tap-on fee, but the construction costs)
  • Possibility of offering more payment options (ex. Longer payment plans)
  • Review the 3% interest rate
  • Discuss cost savings with Unique Plumbing for connections at the front of the property
  • Walkthrough with any residents with a finished basement who is interested in relocating the foundation penetration to the front of their home

Contact Information

Matthew Supert
Director of Municipal Services
708-246-1800 x 205

Casey Biernacki
Municipal Services Coordinator
708-246-1800 x 276

Jeffery Ziegler
Village Engineer – James J. Benes & Ass.

Michael Jurusik
Village Attorney – Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins

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