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Posted on: October 8, 2018

2018 Roadway Program - Johnson Avenue Sewer Information

Staff has received various correspondences today. Please see the information below to help clear some of the misinformation.

Storm Sewer Installation 

Johnson Avenue was previously comprised of a single sewer (varying between 10"-12") beneath the center of the roadway. That sewer was a combined sewer, which means that sewage from your home and rain water from go into the same pipe. This configuration is very common for municipalities in older communities. The Johnson Avenue reconstruction project included the installation of a second sewer pipe, called a relief sewer or storm sewer. The storm sewer collects all of the rain water that used to enter the combined sewer. The relief sewer directs the storm water for all of Johnson Avenue (47th to Burlington) to various existing storm sewers at Burlington Avenue, 46th Street, and 47th Street. At the completion of the project, the amount of rain water entering the combined sewer system will be decreased dramatically and mimic a separated sewer area . The majority of the sewer work has been completed, but the new curb, gutter, and roadway will help finalize the new drainage paths.

Existing Combined Sewer

The existing combined sewer was televised, or visually inspected, prior to the start of the roadway project. Areas of the combined sewer that required repair were located and added to the design plans for the project. The spot sewer repairs on Johnson Avenue have been completed.  It is a common practice to replace failing portions of an existing sewer during projects of this caliber. 

Combined Sewer Back-Up

On Saturday, Public Works received a phone call about sewer back-up on Johnson Avenue (45th to 46th). Crews cleared the mainline sewer and a back-up was discovered at the intersection of 46th and Johnson. Crews excavated the area today and discovered the issue. The back-up in the mainline sewer was not due to a collapse in the pipe. It was discovered that an inlet connection between the old intersection inlet and the mainline was damaged during the installation of the new storm sewer. The old inlet pipe was inactive, but still connected to the combined sewer. Stone used to cover the new storm sewer pipe fell into the old pipe and entered the main line combined sewer. The Public Works department located the issue and replaced the portion of combined sewer pipe that included the previous connections to the old inlet pipe. The issue was directly caused by the installation of the new storm sewer, not the existing quality of the main line sewer. 

Sanitary Sewer Line Responsibility

The sanitary sewer service, from your home to the existing combined sewer (including the connection to that sewer) is the responsibility of the homeowner, per Municipal Code 8-6-3

Please contact Casey Biernacki at 708-246-1800 x 276 or at with any questions or concerns. 

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