Welcome New Business!

Downtown Western Springs will be an economically sustainable center of 
 community life, offering a charming and vibrant destination to meet daily
 and destination shopping and dining needs. The downtown will remain
 sensitive to the historic scale and character of Western Springs, while
offering expanded opportunities to shop, live, work and play in a 
 family friendly environment-
Vision Statement Adopted 9-2011

Economic Development is a service provided by the Community Development Department. The village's goal is to retain, expand, promote, and attract businesses within Western Springs. The community is full of life with a vibrant downtown, beautiful parks, a local theatre, excellent schools and other amenities.

Review the information provided here, which confirms that the local spending power, attractive setting, sense of community, and several other attributes make Western Springs the perfect place to establish your business.

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Community Development Tony Budzikowski at (708) 246-1800 ext. 175 or by email.