Sister City

Rugeley, England

In the latter half of the 1950s, Western Springs participated in a program that brought together like communities from around the world in an effort to strengthen international peace and understanding. Through this program, Western Springs was twinned with the community of Rugeley, England.

Rugeley is a town considered similar to Western Springs in size and about as far from England's second largest city, Birmingham, as Western Springs is from Chicago. Thus, Rugeley Road in Springdale subdivision was named after the town across the Atlantic.

To learn more about the community of Rugeley, England, please visit the Rugeley website.

40th Anniversary Celebration

In 1997, Western Springs celebrated the 40th anniversary of this twinning. A group of residents representing a wide range of community groups came together to consider ways of commemorating the 40th anniversary of the twinning with Rugeley. The formal recognition period kicked off with the Memorial Day Parade. The residents of Rugeley Road in Springdale constructed a Rugeley float for the parade. Celebrations continued on the Tower Green as part of the Business Association's Gathering on the Green on June 20, 1997.

Throughout this period of time, numerous British Flags were displayed on many of the light poles in the downtown business district. Other activities planned to celebrate the anniversary included:
  • A Rugeley display created by the Historical Society to be located in the Thomas Ford Memorial Library
  • Commemorative plantings by the Garden Club throughout the village
  • Exchanging of letters, emails, and artwork by Western Springs and Rugeley students

​Cooling Tower Demolition

On Sunday, June 6 2021, after months of preparation, the four former cooling towers at the Rugeley Power Station were demolished. It was a bittersweet event for the town, as so much of its history includes power generation, but Rugeley is embracing the change and looking forward to the future. Watch the video here.