Vehicle Stickers

Purchase a Vehicle Sticker

In April 2023, Village Hall will offer extended open hours on: 

Monday, April 24, from 7:30 am - 7:30 pm, and Saturday, April 29, from 8:30 am - 12 noon.

Western Springs residents who own/lease a motor vehicle registered with the State of Illinois must pay an annual license tax by purchasing a vehicle sticker The Secretary of State’s office is the source used for vehicle information. Vehicle stickers are required all motorized vehicles registered or housed in Western Springs. Renewal notices are mailed each year in March. If you have not received your renewal by the end of March, please call or stop by Village Hall to inquire. 

Once vehicle information has been received in the mail, residents are strongly encouraged to purchase stickers online. You can also complete the fillable PDF forms (for vehicle stickers and pet licenses ) print, and return them with payment to Village Hall, after which stickers will be mailed. Mail completed forms with payment to, or use the drop box at: Village Hall, 740 Hillgrove Avenue, Western Springs, 60558. A late fee will be applied to all purchase after April 30.*

If you have questions or require assistance, please call 708-246-1800.

Vehicles without current vehicle stickers may be subject to ticketing by the Police Department. 


License and Penalty Fees  (effective 11-2019)

  • Automobiles - $50*
  • Dog or cat license - $10
  • Recreational vehicles - $55*
  • Motorcycles / mopeds - $50*
  • Trucks - $65*

Note: New residents, or those with new vehicles should not purchase vehicle stickers online after May 1. It is advised to print and mail the form with payment in these cases, or call Village Hall directly, to avoid being charged a late fee.

* Delinquent Vehicle Sticker Fee: Effective November 2019 per Ordinance 19-2972, vehicle license stickers purchased on or after May 1 shall be deemed delinquent, and the penalty for delinquent vehicle licenses of any kind (automobiles, recreational/motorcycles/trucks) will be $50. The total cost for a delinquent automobile license sticker will be $100.00.