Complaint Registering Procedure

How to Make a Formal Complaint

The Western Springs Police Department will accept and investigate all inquiries against departmental employees and/or policies, procedures, or operations. While the Department cannot dismiss anonymous inquiries, inquiries that are made in such a manner must be judged on its own merits to determine the depth of investigation required.

To initiate an inquiry, please print and complete the Citizen Complaint/Informal Inquiry Form and file the form with the Police Department at 740 Hillgrove Avenue, Western Springs, IL. Once a form is received an investigation will be initiated. You will be kept informed of the progress of the inquiry and notified when the investigation is completed.

Pursuant to 50 ILCS 725/3. 8(b), anyone filing a complaint against a sworn peace officer must have the complaint supported by a sworn affidavit. The giving of false information on this form is punishable under 720 ILCS 5/26-1A4 – FILING OF A FALSE POLICE REPORT.

False allegations, which are determined to be slanderous in nature and/or are made without merit or foundation against a member of the Western Springs Police Department, may result in a civil action against you.

The results of this investigation will have no bearing on any criminal/traffic offense lodged against you.