Patrol Division Responsibilities

The Patrol Division is comprised of four sergeants and eleven police officers. Patrol is dedicated to the safety and preservation of the Village's safety by patrolling the streets of Western Springs.

These officers respond to approximately 10,000 calls per year from citizens and are the first to respond to all incidents within the Village limits. In addition to answering calls for service, these officers patrol neighborhoods on a regular basis and check businesses both during operational hours and after hours.

Frequently, officers take the time to make sure closed businesses are locked and secured in an effort to aid merchants in preventing burglary. Traffic safety is a major priority for patrol officers. They investigate an average of 300 traffic crashes each year and spend significant patrol time on traffic enforcement. The uniformed officers currently work 12 hour shifts.

The Patrol Division is the primary component of any police department and the most visible. The Village of Western Springs prides itself on the professionalism and dedication of its Uniformed Patrol Division.