Animal Control

Lost Pets

The Police Department frequently retrieves lost pets. If a pet has a license (as required by the Village), pet and owner are quickly reunited. Owners are assessed a $35 fee for lost pets. Please call the Police non-emergency number at 708-246-8540 regarding lost pets.Residents may wish to refer to this Pet Safety Guide for helpful home security tips with pets in mind. 

Wild Animals

The Village does not collect or destroy wild animals and does not offer traps for trapping animals. If there is a dead animal in the street or parkway, it will be picked up by the Public Works Department. For assistance in the collection of a dead animal in the street or parkway, please call 708-246-1800 ext. 200.

Tips for Managing Wildlife Problems

Deterring wildlife from visiting your property is the most effective way to discourage nuisance wildlife problems.  Taking the time to make changes will greatly reduce your chances of unwanted guests.

  • Keep garbage cans inside garage/shed to reduce temptation for animals.  If garbage cannot be kept inside, make sure the lids are secure at all times.
  • Do not feed wildlife or leave food (pet food) outside where it is accessible.
  • Keep bird feeders to a minimum and clean fallen seed often.
  • Gardens and water features are a large attraction for wildlife.  Enclosing these areas with fencing, using motion activated lights and sprinklers and placing scent deterrents will help discourage wildlife.
  • Trim tree branches that hang over roofs to prevent the animal from having access to the roof.  Cap chimneys and use hardware cloth to cover openings to soffits, vents and fans.
  • Trim overgrown or dense bushes around decks and stoops.  This provides cover for the animal to dig under these structures.
  • Use hardware cloth for raised decks and sheds to prevent animals from going under them.
  • Implement grub control into your yearly lawn treatment.  Grub control should be applied the last week in June through the first week in July.  Heavy watering of your lawn encourages grub growth.
  • Use sound and light to harass the animal if it has made a home in your attic or under the stoop, desk or shed.  Place a radio next to the hole and keep it on 24/7.  Push a set of blinking Christmas lights into the hole and leave them on 24/7.  This will reduce the animal's ability to rest and most of the time they move on.

Wild Animal Information