Public Education

Public Education Programs

Public Education is a key component of the Department of Fire and EMS. The first goal of the department is to prevent fires and injuries before they occur. The department’s programs are designed to educate children and adults alike in methods to prevent accidental fire and personal injury. Additionally, the public education programs strive to educate citizens in methods to deal with actual emergencies before the arrival of professional help.

Public Education programs and activities include:
  • "Learning to Live", a fire safety program for college campus living. View video demonstration of a dorm room fire-one with a sprinkler system and one without. 
  • Comprehensive fire safety training for children in Western Springs’ schools and preschools
  • Fire Prevention Week Open House in October
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) training for citizens and first responders
  • Free blood pressure screenings
  • Fire station tours for children and citizens
  • Summer block parties
  • In-station birthday party education sessions
  • Participation in Western Springs Safety Village
  • Active member of Illinois Fire Marshal’s “Remembering When” program - committed to educating seniors on fall and fire prevention, and providing smoke detectors and/or a "Knox Box" (allowing non-destructive emergency residential access) to seniors who qualify. Contact the Fire Department if you or someone you know may benefit from these services.
To schedule classes or fire station tours, or for additional information, please contact the department at (708) 246-1182.

​Safety Village: 

Safety Village of Western Springs was created in in memory of Katie Satkamp, who tragically lost her life at age 7 when her school bus driver drove ahead before noticing that she hadn't crossed the street.  Safety Village is dedicated to teaching safety that saves lives to Kindergarteners and First Graders in and around the Village of Western Springs. Click here to learn more.

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