Development Proposals

Foxford Station

Foxford Station is a project by Foxford Station LLC, of Hinsdale. The project is a mixed use building at the southeast corner of Wolf Road and Burlington Avenue. The site includes the former Tischler’s grocery store, Breen’s Cleaners, and a portion of the parking lot to the east. The building will be four stories with approximately 3,600 sq.ft. of commercial space and indoor parking on the first floor with three floors of apartments above. 52 apartments are proposed.

The project was reviewed by the Plan Commission during public hearings held on November 20, 2014, December 16, 2014, January 13, 2015 and February 13, 2015. The Plan Commission meetings also included the discussion of a proposed new zoning district titled Mixed Use Commercial-Residential or MXD. At the February 23, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved the new zoning classification, MXD, rezoned 441-4453 Wolf Road and 4450 Johnson Avenue properties to the MXD classification and also approved the petition for a conditional use permit for the development of Foxford Station.

The original project plans (reviewed at the November Commission meeting) are available here or may be reviewed at the Community Development office, located just north of Village Hall, at 4353 Wolf Road. Questions may directed to Martin Scott, Director of Community Development at 708-246-1800, ext. 175 or at Martin Scott.

Additional Project Information
Revised Foxford Station Plans—December 9, 2014
Foxford Station Fiscal and Economic Impact Report—June 2014
Foxford Station Traffic Impact Study—July 28, 2014
Foxford Station Engineering Plans—January 6, 2015
MXD vs. C1 Comparison Press Release—March 10, 2015

Project Update—February 5, 2016
The Foxford Station project was approved in February 2015 with the provision that the developer return with the final version of plans for approval by the Village Board. Foxford Station LLC has submitted the final versions of the project plans including architectural renderings, floor plans, elevations, and preliminary/final engineering. The plans are available below or may be reviewed at the Community Development office, at 4353 Wolf Road. The project has been modified to decrease the intensity of the project in the following ways:
  • Reduction in the number of units: 52 apartments reduced down to 28 condos Change in the number of parking spaces provided for each unit: 2 spaces per unit versus 1 per unit.
  • Reduction in wall height of the rear, 2nd floor terrace along Johnson Avenue, further reducing the bulk of the building.
  • Reduction in the number hanging balconies along the south elevation (facing the Western Springs Baptist Church).
  • Reduction in the number of outdoor light fixtures. (The decrease in hanging balconies/patio doors requires less outdoor lighting along the south and other elevations).
  • Significant reduction in the amount of metal louvers on the south and east elevations. The majority of these elevations, which face the Church and Johnson Avenue will now be constructed of brick.
  • The east stair tower (facing Johnson Avenue) has been reduced in size.

The Village Board will review the final version of the plans at the February 8, 2016 Workshop meeting and consider approval at the February 22, 2016 Board meeting. Questions may be directed to Martin Scott, Director of Community Development, at 708-246-1800, ext. 175, or at Martin Scott.

Final Version of Plans
Architectural Renderings/Perspectives—February 4, 2016
Floor Plans and Elevations—February 4, 2016
Preliminary and Final Engineering Plans—February 4, 2016