Service Line Replacement 

Lead Service Line Replacement Project

The Village of Western Springs has applied to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's (IEPA) Public Water Supply loan program for funding to help finance a lead service line replacement (LSLR) project. The attached project summary and environmental assessment has been prepared by the IEPA to assist the Village in compliance with the public notice requirements. 

While the Village has not completed the LSLR project plan nor committed to funding provided by the IEPA, the Village is required to coordinate the replacement of all lead service lines in accordance with the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act. More information to follow on the Village's project plan and replacement progress. 

Requirements for Permits for a new or replacement water service line

The Village regulates installation of all new and replacement water service lines. This guide has been created to guide the work that occurs on private property and within the parkway (between the curb and sidewalk). 

The basic requirements for receiving a water service line permit include

- A completed permit application. Permit applications are available in the Community Development Department. 

- A permit fee, which is 1.75% of the construction cost. 

- Street opening fee (if applicable) of $150.00 per opening. 

- Parkway or street bond of $800.00 (cash). 

- Water meter fee (if applicable) determined by the size of the service line. Community Development staff can provide current pricing. 

In general, all work must adhere to the following rules: 

- The diagrams below provide details regarding water meter installation and connection to the public water system. Other regulations may apply as well (e.g. Village standards, State Plumbing Code, etc.). If you have any questions regarding regulations please do not hesitate to contact the Community Development Department. 


-Based on State Plumbing Code water and sewer service lines must be separated by a minimum of 10 feet. If both lines are proposed to be in the same trench contact Community Development Staff before commencing with any work. 

- All trees located with the right-of-way must be protected as required by Village Code. 

- Inspections must be scheduled by calling 708.246.1800 ext. 177 or 180. Inspections are required when the connection is made and one (1) year after the work is completed to ensure the parkway and/or street have been properly repaired. 

- Once the work is completed, the parkway and/or street bond will be held by the Village for a period of one (1) year. After one (1) year the parkway and/or street will be inspected and if it is found to be in satisfactory condition a bond refund will be processed.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Community Development Department: 

740 Hillgrove Avenue, Western Springs, Illinois 60558

Phone: 708.246.1800

Fax: 708.246.4871