West Underpass

Project Overview

Public Hearing for Underpass No.2 and Closure of At Grade Pedestrian Crossing from Village of Western Springs on Vimeo.

The completion of the West Underpass is long term capital improvement project that the Village of Western Springs has been coordinating with various state and federal agencies since approximately 2005. The Village completed the East Underpass project located near Clausen Avenue during that same time and quickly moved its attention to build a new pedestrian crossing crossing system on the west side of town that would replace the at-grade Central Avenue crossing while providing improved pedestrian safety for Metra commuters and residents who utilize Spring Rock Park, the Village Club Pool, Theatre of Western Springs and the Western Springs Recreation Center. Recent developments in coordination with the Western Springs Park District and the Illinois Tollway will see the construction of a new pedestrian bridge connecting Spring Rock Park and Veeck Park.

In 2010 the Village conducted a community survey to gauge the community’s preferred location for the Wet Underpass. Results from the survey indicated the location near Prospect Avenue would be the preferred location. 

When will the Project Begin?

The Village opened bids for the project through the Illinois Department of Transportation in the summer of 2020. After coordination with the BNSF, the project is now underway. BNSF began work on Monday, June 21. There will be construction and parking impacts on Hillgrove Avenue, in the commuter parking spaces west of Central Avenue. Temporary parking closures on south side of Hillgrove Avenue near the Western Springs Service Club are also anticipated while the work is underway. The BNSF will be driving sheet pile, in preparation for the Village's contractor, who will begin work later this summer. Significant noise for the pile driving is anticipated. BNSF anticipates weekday work hours between 9:00 am – 2:30 pm daily, and it is likely that weekend work will also take place from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. No night work is anticipated.

How is this Project Funded?

The Village has received several grants from various federal and state agencies to pay for the project, including federal funding from a Surface Transportation Grant, grant funds from Metra, Invest in Cook funds from Cook County and grant funds from the Grade Crossing Protection Fund from the Illinois Commerce Commission. 

Where can I receive project updates?

Construction updates will be posted using the "Notify Me" portion of the Village website.  Please subscribe to the updates under the "West Underpass" project category if you wish to receive them via e-mail.