Rose/Grove Reconstruction and IEPA Water Main

Project Introduction

Rose/Grove Project Map

Every year, the Department of Municipal Services performs a comprehensive roadway survey of streets in Western Springs. The survey includes a visual inspection of the roadway surface and recorded numerical ratings for various types of pavement deficiencies. Examples of failures include various types of cracking, potholes, drainage issues, and overall rideability. These values are summed and an rating is assigned to each roadway segment. 

Rose Avenue and Grove Avenue were selected as a 2021 roadway reconstruction candidates due to ratings of 16 and 17, respectively, placing them as some of the highest rated streets in the community. Roadway improvement projects are identified and prioritized based upon the Village's numerical ranking system (MPCI) for streets along with available funding. Residents can view the Village's complete 2020 roadway inventory at 2020 MPCI Report

The reconstruction of the roadway will be funded utilizing the Village's 2016 Roadway Referendum funds, which were approved by the residents for the reconstruction of streets within the Village. The funds can only be utilized for roadway improvements and cannot be utilized towards other infrastructure.

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Water Main Replacement

The Village is installing a new 8” water main on Rose Avenue (Maple to Oak) and Grove Avenue (Maple to Chestnut) to replace the existing 4" water main. The installation of the new water main fully funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) loan program. There will be additional fire hydrant replacement and water valve maintenance occurring in other areas of the project where water main is not being replaced.  

Any resident with an existing lead water service line will be contacted in early 2021 via mail. A follow-up meeting will occur for those residents to discuss lead services and how you may be impacted during this project. If you believe you have a lead water service, please contact the Municipal Services Department. If you are unsure about the composition of your water service, please visit for more information.

Project Kickoff Meetings

7/19/21 Project Open House Meeting

A public open house meeting is scheduled for July 19, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. The meeting will be held at Laidlaw Elementary School (4072 Forest Avenue). The meeting will be held outside on the school property. Should there be inclement weather the meeting will be held inside the school. 

The meeting will be conducted in an open house format and residents may arrive at any time to view exhibits of the improvements. Village Staff and Baxter & Woodman, the design engineer for the project, will be available to answer questions. Residents are encouraged to attend. The meeting invite was mailed to impacted residents and can also be downloaded at the below link:

Rose-Grove Open House Invitation

5/19/21 Virtual Meeting - Water Main/Service Line Replacement

The first public meeting held for the project was specifically for residents residing on Rose Avenue (Maple to Oak) and Grove Avenue (Chestnut to Maple). Residents invited to this meeting received a letter dated 4/28/21 which is linked under Project Documents on this page.

A second resident meeting will be scheduled in once a project schedule is established. All residents in the project area will be invited to this meeting where staff will review the project scope, impacts to residents, and a project schedule. An update will be posted via the Village website once the meeting date is scheduled.