Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) Asphalt Resurfacing

Project Introduction

Every year, the Department of Municipal Services performs a comprehensive roadway survey of streets in Western Springs. The survey includes a visual inspection of the roadway surface and recorded numerical ratings for various types of pavement deficiencies. Examples of failures include various types of cracking, potholes, drainage issues, and overall rideability. These values are summed and an rating is assigned to each roadway segment. Residents can view the Village's complete 2020 roadway inventory at 2020 MPCI Report

The following roadway segments have been selected as potential asphalt resurfacing candidates for 2021. Please understand that streets may be added or removed during the engineering design phase of the project. 

  • Ellington Ave (52nd Place to 51st Street) 
  • 51st Street (Ellington to Caroline) 
  • Clausen Ave (51st Street to 53rd Street) 
  • 51st Place (Harvey to Clausen) 
  • Howard (52nd Place to 53rd Street) 
  • 52nd Place (Howard to Clausen) 
  • Grand Avenue (Chestnut to Walnut) 

This project incorporates the grinding and resurfacing of the current pavement, replacement and readjustment of multiple manholes and drainage structures, concrete patching, and partial curb and gutter replacement. Spot patching is also included in this project and will occur in areas outside of the roadways outlined here.

Project Funding

Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds are utilized for most asphalt resurfacing projects. The Village receives ~$350,000 annually in MFT funds, which can be used to the maintenance of the Village owned right-of-way (i.e. sidewalk repairs, salt, asphalt resurfacing/patching).