Become a Paid-On-Call Firefighter!

Fire Academy Starts on Jan 11, 2022

The Western Springs Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services was founded in 1894 and was originally staffed by 10 volunteer firefighters who were members of our community dedicated to serving their neighbors in their time of need.

Over the past 127 years, whether it was a medical emergency or building fire, these great volunteers answered the call with bravery and dedication as they saved lives and protected property and the environment. They are the reason our mission statement is “Neighbors protecting neighbors through the delivery of emergency and non-emergency services.”

We need you! The department is in serious need of additional paid-on-call firefighters who wish to protect their neighbors and be a part of this elite group of men and women who are truly dedicated to public service. 

 We are now recruiting for the January 2022 Fire Academy! Potential candidates who are interested will have to successfully complete an oral interview, background check, and a medical physical. The fire academy will be held at the Western Springs Fire Department.  No experience is required.

FD recruitment poster image
FD Recruitment Poster Image
FD Recruitment Poster Image

Additional Information:

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