Home Camera Database: Safer Together Program

 “Safer Together” with the WSPD’s Camera Database System

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This collaborative initiative invites residents to provide information about their home security camera systems for the purpose of obtaining video footage in the event of a specific incident in their area.  This web-based database system is similar to that used by some neighboring villages, but Western Springs will also include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping technology to increase its effectiveness. Participation into the program does not grant the Village access to your home security system. Instead, it informs the Police Department that you may have data available that may assist them. 

The goal of the program is to deter crime and promote public safety through a partnership between the Western Springs Police Department and the community. In the event of an incident in which surveillance recording would be useful, members of the Police Department would utilize GIS software to identify cameras in the immediate area. A member of the Department may contact residents to request a copy of any picture or video captured by their camera, in hopes that it may assist in an investigation. Resident information would not be used or shared for any other purposes.

Any resident willing to participate would be required to complete a terms of use waiver. 

Learn more and/or register for the database directly at:  https://arcg.is/0yai8n.