Flagg Creek Storm Sewer Outfalls


During the fall of 2020 Village staff completed a storm sewer investigation with V3 Companies for the Village’s storm outfalls located within Flagg Creek. The study photographed and reviewed each of the Village’s outfalls that discharge to Flagg Creek from 47th Street down through the Ridgewood subdivision. The Flagg Creek outfall investigation builds upon other storm water studies that the Village has completed in portions of Ridgewood and Springdale. Rehabilitation of various storm outfalls was an improvement identified in the 2016 Ridgewood Infrastructure Study.

2022 Improvement Project

The Village identified six outfalls between Birch Lane and Maple Lane for 2022. Construction will occur from the east bank, with access for construction equipment coming from Birch Lane near the Tollway maintenance bridge. The removal of undesirable trees, invasive brush (i.e. buckthorn) or other landscaping within the public utility easement, bank of Flagg Creek may be required to complete the repair work. Any removals or damage that occurs on private property will be restored by the Village. 

Vegetation removal is anticipated to begin in November, with construction to begin in December and completed before the end of the year. 

2021 Improvement Project

The Village identified three outfalls for rehabilitation in 2021 near Ridge Lane, Oak Lane, and Crest Lane. The project was completed in December of 2021. A project summary along with before and after photos can be found at the following link: Phase-1-Completion 

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  1. Matthew Supert

    Director of Municipal Services