Air Traffic Noise

The Village occasionally experiences an increase in the overhead flight traffic noise from Midway airport.

The Chicago Department of Aviation reports that weather conditions and routing maintenance may require sporadic use of Midway Runway 13C for landings and takeoffs. When winds are from the southeast, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) may use this runway, which requires planes to fly lower over Western Springs. These modified flight paths are often a function of weather and are typically more frequent in the spring.

The Village does not have authority over or input into to flight patterns as this is governed by the FAA. Residents are encouraged to reach out to the sources below to submit noise complaints: 

FAA Noise Ombudsman (includes instructions on how to file a complaint)

Midway Airport Noise Management Page (includes a link to make complaints)

Chicago Department of Aviation Flight-Tracker

O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) 

The Chicago Department of Aviation maintains a toll-free noise hotline:

1-800-435-9569 / 1-800-914-8537