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Road Construction Projects

Posted on: September 22, 2020

2020 Prospect - West Lane Completion

The west lane of Prospect Avenue was installed today and will remain closed to public use while the concrete curing process takes place. Curing is a process that allows concrete to build in strength, over time. The full curing off concrete will take many months, but vehicles are typically allowed to drive on the pavement after 5-10 days. Another update will be sent once the west lane is re-opened for public use. Please refrain from driving on the east lane until you are notified as driving on uncured pavement may drastically impact the concrete. Any individual found driving on the pavement prematurely will be financially responsible for damages. 

Once the roadway is re-opened, the contractor will begin re-grading areas of the parkway to match the new curb line. The contractor will also begin green infrastructure improvements on the Reid/Prospect island. Any damaged irrigation lines that were marked prior to construction will be repaired this week and next week. Sod installation will follow when the weather permits. 

Please contact Casey Biernacki at 708-246-1800 x 276 or at with any questions or concerns.