What schools serve the residents of Western Springs?
Public Elementary—District 101 serves three elementary: Field Park, Forest Hills and Laidlaw Schools and one junior high, McClure School. These schools are within the Village and serve Village residents along with some residents of Hinsdale. District 106, LaGrange Highlands, is a combined elementary and junior high campus, LaGrange Highlands School, lies immediately adjacent to the community and serves about one quarter (1/4) of the Village residents.

Public High School—District 204, Lyons Township High School District, has two campuses. South High School is located in the Village and serves the freshman and sophomore classes. North High School serves the juniors and seniors and is located in nearby LaGrange.

Private—St. John of the Cross Roman Catholic elementary school is the only private school located within the community. It serves students from the Village and surrounding communities.

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5. What schools serve the residents of Western Springs?