How do I become a paid on-call firefighter?

The Western Springs Fire Department relies heavily upon paid-on-call personnel, who provide this vital service to our community. Potential candidates who are interested in becoming a Western Springs paid on call firefighter, will have to successfully complete an oral interview, background check, and a medical physical. When the candidate successfully completes the phases of the application, they will attend a fire academy for six months. The fire academy will be held at the Western Springs Fire Department.  No experience is required to join us. An orientation meeting will be held at FD headquarters 4353 Wolf Road on August 28, 2018 at 7:30p.m. Interested candidates can find an application here: Job Application

Minimum requirements:

•             Be energetic, committed and physically fit

•             At least 18 years old

•             Must live in or within a mile of the border of Western Springs

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1. How do I become a paid on-call firefighter?
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