What is a Pumpkin Smash?

Each year the Village partners with SCARCE to provide the opportunity to compost pumpkins after Halloween. Check the Village events calendar for a date in early November for this event. Don’t trash it, smash it! 

The Pumpkin Smash is an annual community effort to divert pumpkins from landfills by providing locations for residents to drop off Jack-o-lanterns to be composted.*

Only pumpkins themselves can be composted. No plastic or metal of any kind. Pumpkins must be contaminant-free, which means no candles, stickers, googly eyes, plastic ears, or other non-biodegradable material. Acrylic paint is acceptable, but no oil-based paint or permanent marker is allowed.

 *Pumpkins should not be disposed of in the regular garbage, or set out at the curb with leaves, as they can damage the equipment used to mulch the leaves. Residents are encouraged to attend the pumpkin composting event, or to put pumpkins out as organic material in a brown craft bag (with a blue LRS sticker) for collection.

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