How do I join a Village Public Meeting?

The Village is currently holding public meetings using Zoom Webinar. Dates and times of public meetings can be found on the Village Events Calendar. A link to each public meeting will be added to the website at least two (2) hours before the meeting takes place. 

If you plan to attend a meeting, it is recommended that you install the Zoom app (available for Windows, Mac, IOS and android) prior to the meeting. This does not require users to have a Zoom account, and is free of charge. Public comment will still be allowed during the public comment portion of the meeting, using the “raise hand” function in the app. A phone number will also be provided for those who would like to listen to the meeting, with no video. 

Village Board of Trustee meetings are still being recorded and published to the Agenda & Minutes Center page of the website, and Facebook page, as usual. 

To learn more about public meetings, click on the "Government" tab on the top of the Village homepage, and select "Public Meeting Notice".

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1. How do I join a Village Public Meeting?
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