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Storm Water Reporting Form

  1. Numbers only
  2. Please indicate how water infiltrated your home during the 08/22/14 storm event.
  3. If yes, please indicate how the water infiltrated your basement.*
  4. Definition: Overhead Sewer
    An overhead sewer is designed to prevent sewer water from backing up into the basement by elevating the sewer above the level of the basement floor. The theory behind overhead sewers is that water will seek its own level in the pipes. The water level in the pipes will have to rise all the way to the first floor level in order to back up into the building.
  5. If yes, please indicate where storm water collects*
  6. Do you currently have any of the following water control structures on your property?
  7. Definition: French Drain
    A french drain is a trench that has a land drain installed at the bottom of the trench and has been backfilled with shingle or similar coarse stone.
  8. Definition: Drainage Tile
    Tile or piping, either porous or set with open joints, used to collect subsurface water on or around the foundation of a structure.
  9. Definition: Drainage Swale
    A shallow depression, in a flat area of land, that may be artificial and used in a storm water drainage system to store or channel water.
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